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Arboga Museum (Arboga Stadsmuseum)

Arboga’s cultural centre - Arboga museum – is located in the magnificent merchant building Öhrströms gård, Nygatan 37.

In 1846 the merchant Anders Öhrström had an extravagant stone house built for himself and his family. The Öhrström estate has now been superbly renovated and its beautiful period rooms and features are a great asset to Arboga. The museum also houses a large photographic archive and a library in addition to modern facilities for exhibitions and other events. An additional feature of the museum is the collections of silver, tin and alder root on display, all made by famous Arboga craftsmen. Group visits can be made by appointment.
For further information visit website or call

+46 (0)589-142 10.

Opening hours

Wednesday-Thursday: 13.00-16.00

Saturdays: 11.00-14.00

Information at Arboga Museum website

The Brewery Museum (Bryggerimuseet)

Arboga is renowned for its beer - hence the well-known local saying "takes its time like Arboga ale". Visit Sweden’s only surviving timber brewery, which is located on Skandiagatan, and observe the authentic, traditional brewing method. Group visits can be made by appointment.

For further information visit website or call +46 (0)589-142 10.

Information visit Arboga Museum website

Arboga Missile Museum

Arboga’s Missile Museum, which is located on Glasbruksgatan 1, has more than 15 of the military’s missiles and rockets on display, the oldest one being from the 1940s. One main feature of the aviation section is the chance to try out the flight simulator equipment for the ”Viggen” jet fighter. Group visits can be made by appointment. For further information visit website or call 0589-104 99 or 073-624 03 03.

Opening hours

Thursday: 09.00-12.00

First Saturday every month: 10.00-16.00

Information visit Arboga Missile Museum website

Hjälmare Canal Visitor Centre

The shipyard has an excellent collection of tools and equipment from specific periods in its history. There is also a large photography collection which shows a detailed record of the canal’s history.


Group visits can during be made by appointment.

Information visit Hjälmare kanals vänners website.

Information visit Svea skogs website


Medåker´s Rural Community Centre Museum(Abramsgården)

The main building has two floors and is furnished with typical artefacts from the district. In the garden are "granny flowers" and newly laid herb garden. Medåker is 9 km north of Arboga.


Information visit Medåkers Hembygdsförening website


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